Omg. I am SO sorry I haven’t been on in like FOREVER. My life has been so busy. I will put my WONDERFUL life in strikethrough so you can skip it if you want.


Ok so first I get strep throat. Yay. For the third time this year. Next My bff’s one year old get gets run over my a car and dies so then I have to deal with a grieving friend and my throat feeling like someones stabbing it with a knife 24/7. Then my sister accidentally donates some of my favorite stuffed animals to good-will. Then I find out my MOM HAS BEEN GIVING ME THE WRONG DOSAGE OF MEDICINE. If i’m not already feeling like crap, between all of this, me and my mom have to run back and forth to ___________ to feed my aunts cat while she’s in arizona, which is an hours drive at least.   At least I have still been playing on fantage, but I haven’t been posting as much. So, yeah.  Life’s been hard. i promise to start posting more and I will be giving weekly updates again. Oh yeah. Also, I HAVE SBAC (smarter balanced assessment) tommorow and on wednsday that i haven’t studied for because I’ve been sick. Life is cruddy. 😥   In other news, I’m opening a store with the help of cloud82 at Great website btw. She also runs


Hey! You found another clue! Guess what. The prize has been determined. 500 GOLD!  (SORRY IM BROKE *crys*And another fun thing?  Everybody who reads this has already guaranteed that they get gold :^) The next hint:

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