My Introduction

Tiredinsomniac24s id phone

Hai everyone! I’m Tiredinsomniac24 , but you can call me Tired cuz I always am. Lol :P. I’m the newest admin on this blog but you would already know that if you’ve read SweetSugar9303’s post announcing my arrival. Hehe. I hope I can live up to everything she’s wrote about me. I plan on creating my own Fantage blog in the future so I thought being an admin on a blog would be a great opportunity to learn about running a blog and give me experience. I’ve been playing Fantage since December 2014 but I had a previous account in 2012 which I don’t remember anything about. I play almost everyday so come say hi if you see me! This is my current Idphone (my membership just expired). Here’s a picture of me crying cuz I’m not a member anymore.

cryig cuz not a mem

My level when I’m a member is around 1320 hotshot status. Anyways here are a few things about me:

  • I love art and hope to be an artist someday
  • I’m a cat person but I own a dog ( It’s actually my little sisters and thank god it is, cuz he’s really annoying )
  • I LOVE anime and my favourite anime is either Death Note or the original Sailor Moon ( Not the reboot, I haven’t seen it yet )
  • Im 16 years old turning 17 this year

 I hope I can share my Fantage knowledge with you guys! So expect more posts from me and the rest of the crew! Byeeeeee!

-Tiredinsomniac24 ❤


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