Free Membership Week!

Ok. Lets be honest have you ever been jealous of those members? They say they’re soooo much better than you?


Well today is YOUR lucky day! Or should I say…… WEEK!!!!

Fantage has decided to let non-members be members for an entire week!


You can do anything members can do for the next week!   With the exception of having access to the PM Boutique, but honestly, who cares?  You can do just about everything else.  You can purchase things with stars!  You can go in the VIP room of fashion show, and get the member fashion pack! Even your talking is blue, just like members!


Well, thats all for now! Enjoy member week everybody!


Nota Bene~ Members are not total jerks.  Memepony9 is a perfect example.  Anybody who DOES treat you horribly is a cyber-bully and deserves to be reported.  Katniss 9303 is a made up account used for blogging purposes.  Enjoy Membership Week!

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