Just an Introduction :)

Hi there lovely people! Just making a small introductory post since I’ve just been given the opportunity to post on this amazing blog. My Fantage username is ‘Benitezj5’ and I do enjoy making friends too, people refer to me as Jas. Anyway, I am extremely excited to begin posting about cool events and making edits for you guys! My favorite colors are purple and green. I’m a proud lover of bands also :). Thank you very much for taking your time to read this, I strongly appreciate that.  Stay Fierce ❤

~Jas xoxo


Halloween Giveaway 2015

I want the devil horns and tail or 400 gold I don’t really care rofl.

Fantage 0101

So, thanks so much for being amazing guys ❤

EDIT: This post isn’t even an hour old and 3 people already joined – seriously?

you guys – ❤

Shoutout to AnnaArso for re-blogging this to her blog +2 tickets

*If anybody came here from Anna’s blog- you automatically get 3 tickets*


Winners will be announced Oct. 31st.

  1. AnnaArso – Automatic 2nd place
  2. Marina – 5 tickets
  3. Nutella Bae – 9 tickets
  4. Rainbowstar135 – 7 tickets
  5. Aspara123 – 12 tickets
  6. Mmchan – 9 tickets
  7. Tori35665 – 4 tickets
  8. Bubble Bae – 6 tickets
  9. Pinku – 9 tickets
  10. Chingster3 – 5 tickets
  11. Winx – 4 tickets
  12. Hanaan – 9 tickets
  13. Sally Duck – 3 tickets
  14. Memepony9 – 4 tickets
  15. Misspiggy – 7 tickets
  16. Julia – 3 tickets
  17. theiamfunny – 1 ticket
  18. Yuki-Chan – 1 ticket
  19. this_is_a_very_creative_name – 1 ticket
  20. calypso – 3 tickets


All you have to do is follow…

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Small Halloween Giveaway

Fantagious Fantage


Since Halloween is in three days I’m going to be giving away this costume and 2,000 gold . I was trying to find a cheap Ghost Costume but i couldn’t so If I do than I  might do a flash giveaway . 

How to Enter

  • Like this post 
  • Comment “Happy Halloween ! ” 
  • Must be able to get / have my-mall permission to claim item
  • Reblog this post

*All counts as 1 entry *


2,000 Gold 

Screenshot (3697)

Chicken Costume ( for non-members and members ) 

This contest ends on October 31st at 12:00 am est . 

Screenshot (2723)

Happy Halloween ! ∼ Blizz99 

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Halloween Challenge Rules.

Ok. I have heard that my rules are a little vague, so I’m just going to make a list of rules for anybody’s who’s confused.

  1. It has to be a fantage edit or drawing.  You don’t have to use the fantage template like Marina, but it does need to be a Halloween Fantagian.
  2. It DOES NOT have to be scary, but it can if you want. It can also be a fashion Halloween thing like MemePony9 did.  It can be a fantagian in a costume, for example, I am making Princess Peach and possibly Mario, but it has to be a legitimate costume; you can NOT make a person called “Blobby the Blob.” For Example:  blobby
  3. It has to at least LOOK like a fantagian. It can’t just be a random Halloween doodle.
  4. If you want to take a picture of your user dressing up for Halloween, be my guest, but you have to do the edit or drawing along with the picture too.
  5. You must tag at least three people at the end of your post, and of course provide the link to the original post in the beginning.
  6. Have Fun! Anybody whose edit/drawing I like will get an automatic follow from me! So, expect A LOT of follows!


Halloween Challenge! 🎃🎃🎃 👻👻🎃🎃

Hey Everybody! 🙂 i’m back from tonsil surgery! Thank you everybody who sent me the kind get-well emails! Your thoughts were appreciated <3. Anyways, I am creating a Halloween Challenge for those of you who like doing challenges.  Your challenge is…. Making a Halloween Fantagian! Now, I’m not really picky on the qualifications for “Halloween Fantagian,” I just don’t want to see someone scribble on a fantagian template saying that they drew the people in the Halloween costume “The Scribble Folk.” You can do costumes, or if you’re feeling adventurous, a scary Fantagian! Anyways, have fun. 🙂

I will subscribe to the winners, if I haven’t already. 🙂 Enjoy!

I tag: MemePony9, AnnaArso, and Fantage Blizz. 🙂