Charmander! Enough said. Today’s case features little Charmander surrounded by a grassy background. And, I have a surprise for you…

…         Haha there was actually enough space that I could fit this in witho-

…         ut any suspicion! FINALLY SOMETHING EASY. Anyways, I refuse to 

…         let you finish without another 30 or so clues. 🙂 Ready for some 

…         more code cracking? 😀

…         Your hint is: In “Return of the Jedi,” who did Leia strangle with 

…         her own slave chain while wearing that famous bikini?

…         Also, I just need the name. Not the entire title. Good Luck!



A classic Pokeball has been thrown at you!  Reader is struggling… Reader has been successfully captured! Sweet uses Reader’s Like! Sweet uses Reader’s Follow!  Sweet uses Reader’s commentary abilities!

Have a nice Saturday 🙂

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