Hey all you wonderful readers of my blog!

haha have a nice day friend <3

To celebrate that I now have 20 

followers, I am going to do a CONTEST! (My very first at that!)

The prizes:

(Sorry if they aren’t the greatest prizes. I’m broke. XD)

First Prize will be: A personalized header, Original Character plus an original pet/creature arena animal, designed by moi)

Second Prize will be: An Original Character plus their pet/creature arena animal.

Third Prize will be: An original pet/creature arena animal. 🙂

Now that you know what you are trying to win, here is how you can enter, and how many times that will put your name in!

Liking and re-blogging this post, along with commenting that you entered will get you 1 entry.

Following this blog will get you 1 entry if you aren’t already a follower.

List 3 reasons that you like this blog. 1 entry if they are legit, 2 entries if they are great reasons. 🙂

List 5 things you would suggest I add to the blog. 2 entries.

Make me a drawing and post it in the comments 1-4 depending on how much effort was put into the drawing. (I like birds *hint hint*)

More entry ways to come!

Hope you have fun participating in this contest!

Winners will be announced on December 16th! 🙂


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