🙂 Hope I win something good!

Fantagable Fantagian


This was originally going to be for getting 50 followers, but then I realized I had 2000 hits too! Yay! 😀

So, let’s begin:

How to Enter:

  • Reblog this post.
  • Like this post.
  • Comment “Eggnog is bae”

That’s it!


The best part, I know.

This time, we have a lovely prize bank:

Prize Bank.png

Yes, I know the prizes are rather random, but who cares: it’s free stuff!

First Place: 3 items from the prize bank + 2,000 Gold + A mystery item 😮

Second Place: 2 items from the prize bank + 1,000 Gold

Third Place: 500 Gold and a hug. (loool)

Want Some Extra Entries?

Follow! + 1

Like all my pages! + 1

Like all my posts! (Yes, that’s going to take a while) + 2

Donate 500 Gold to me! + 5

Sell me an item!(Depends on item sold) + 1 –…

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