Free Signatures Week!


It’s free signatures week on It’s an Amazing World of Fantage!

Free signatures all week!

All you need to do is ask in the comments section, and be specific!

Here is an example:

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 4.27.06 PM

I will need the font that you would like, your blogging name, and a quick description of what you had in mind for your signature.

ENDS ON MONDAY 24, 2016.


(Dear Twinkels, please don’t sue me for using your name as an example 🙂 )


39 thoughts on “Free Signatures Week!

  1. talltall9 says:

    Can I pls have one?
    I would like it to be purple, it says talltall9, and the font can be anything, as long as it looks cool but the font should look a bit handwritten!


  2. ❀briar4ever6❀ says:

    Am I too late?
    Saying Briar4ever6, white background and pastel colors 🐱
    And you can put it in a post
    Oh and for font, any cursive or handwriting font will do!
    Thank you!


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