Chalkboard Giveaway!!!

I hope I win!

Fantage Spy

I’m having a Chalkboard giveaway just to celebrate the fact that we’re almost at 900 amazing subscribers! 😀 ❤



There is 1 winner for the coin Red Chalk (they get 1).

How to Join

  • Comment 1 thing you like about this blog 🙂
  • Subscribe, of course
  • Like dis post? ^o^
  • Tell 2 other Fantagian’s about this blog (and maybe they’ll follow? :D)


I’ll randomize the winner when the blog Reaches 900 subscribers!

Good luck to all! and please dont beg to be chosen for winner. I know a lot of people will want to say things like “I just got scammed, plsss giv meh chalk *puppy eyes*” or… “ugh I never win…” etc.

I understand your life may be unfortunate in certain specs, but remember the prize isn’t going to make or break your life (for heaven’s sake its just a pixelated chalk board LOL). AAnd there will…

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