300+ followers Giveaway!


Fashionable Fantagian

WOOW! We have 300+ followers on Fashionable Fantagian! WELL I would like to celebrate this by having a giveaway! Thank you everyone who supported this blog, all your comments, likes and follows are much appreciated!



4 followers will get to choose a prize from the current limited item set! I’ll be using a randomizer.

  1. The first follower on the randomizer list gets a 3,000 or 4,000 Gold Prize.
  2. Second gets a 2,000 Gold Prize.
  3. Third gets a 1,500 Gold Prize.
  4. Fourth gets a 1,000 Gold Prize.

How to join

For wordpress users: 

  • Must be a follower.
  • Reblog this post to your main blog.

For non wordpress users: 

  • Must be a follower.
  • Comment ‘I’m joining’

Just that simple 🙂

The deadline will be on Sunday 1 (one) am FST! Good Luck!


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