Hey all you wonderful readers of my blog!

haha have a nice day friend <3

To celebrate that I now have 20 

followers, I am going to do a CONTEST! (My very first at that!)

The prizes:

(Sorry if they aren’t the greatest prizes. I’m broke. XD)

First Prize will be: A personalized header, Original Character plus an original pet/creature arena animal, designed by moi)

Second Prize will be: An Original Character plus their pet/creature arena animal.

Third Prize will be: An original pet/creature arena animal. 🙂

Now that you know what you are trying to win, here is how you can enter, and how many times that will put your name in!

Liking and re-blogging this post, along with commenting that you entered will get you 1 entry.

Following this blog will get you 1 entry if you aren’t already a follower.

List 3 reasons that you like this blog. 1 entry if they are legit, 2 entries if they are great reasons. 🙂

List 5 things you would suggest I add to the blog. 2 entries.

Make me a drawing and post it in the comments 1-4 depending on how much effort was put into the drawing. (I like birds *hint hint*)

More entry ways to come!

Hope you have fun participating in this contest!

Winners will be announced on December 16th! 🙂



ICotD is going on hiatus until next Monday!

Hey everybody! Just wanted you to know that ICotD is going on hiatus until next Monday due to Holiday Plans with my family! Of course, today has an ICotD!

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 12.04.39 PM

Today’s ICotD is a rainbow surrounded by a gold sky and white twinkles! This helps remind us that life is magical and anything is possible if you believe that you can do it! (Sorry to be a cheesy cliche! :D) Please Like, Follow, and Comment! Stay Magical!



Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 8.03.55 PM

For those of you who watch Adventure Time, you will get this. 🙂 Today’s case features Finn in a grassy field surrounded by a tree and flowers. I have to write this really quickly because I’m going to Disneyland today! Like, Follow, Comment, and all that Jas. 😉


NOTA BENE~ I know how to spell jazz, this is just a tribute to Jas the Fierce 🙂




Charmander! Enough said. Today’s case features little Charmander surrounded by a grassy background. And, I have a surprise for you…

…         Haha there was actually enough space that I could fit this in witho-

…         ut any suspicion! FINALLY SOMETHING EASY. Anyways, I refuse to 

…         let you finish without another 30 or so clues. 🙂 Ready for some 

…         more code cracking? 😀

…         Your hint is: In “Return of the Jedi,” who did Leia strangle with 

…         her own slave chain while wearing that famous bikini?

…         Also, I just need the name. Not the entire title. Good Luck!



A classic Pokeball has been thrown at you!  Reader is struggling… Reader has been successfully captured! Sweet uses Reader’s Like! Sweet uses Reader’s Follow!  Sweet uses Reader’s commentary abilities!

Have a nice Saturday 🙂


so fab

It’s FRIDAY, (SQUEEE), which inspired this case, because, you know, Friday’s are #FAB. 🙂 Todays case is #FAB, with a simple lavender background.  This is a more modern case, because social media plays a huge role in the generation of 2015, and there is pretty much #everything now. ANYWAYS… Like, Follow, and leave suggestions in the comments!  I also accept case ideas. 😉




Minnie Mouse makes an appearance on today’s case! Minnie’s head, featuring its classic bow, is surrounded by a yellow poppy background which compliments the red bow.  Hope y’all enjoy!

NOTA BENE~ What I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post is that you are welcome to use these but PLEASE give credit!

Like and follow!


Iphone Case of the Day!

Hey y’all! I am starting something new! Its called Iphone Case of the Day ICotD for short or just CotD! Its basically a case for fantage phones so I hope you enjoy!


This is today’s case! A simple heart surrounded by a pink and blue checker pattern! Simple, but classy 🙂


Please, if you have any suggestions, feel free to put them in the comments below!


This isn’t related to Fantage, but I hope you read anyways!

Hey all you faithful readers of my blog! I just wanted to raise awareness for a site called is a website that lets you play educational games. For every question you get correct, 10 grains of rice are donated to those who are starving of hunger. For every 5 questions, you donate 50 grains of rice. For every 10 questions, you donate an entire bowl of rice. And its all free! So play today and save lives!

~Nota Bene: This was not a part of a promotional program that gives rewards to those who advertise their site. I sincerely believe we were sent to Earth for a purpose, so play your part and save lives! 🙂

~SweetSugar9303 ❤

Happy Wednesday!!!

Aye there beautiful children! Happy Wednesday to you all (: Just making a post to let you guys know that we’ve recently been posting some new edits and recoloring’s on this awesome blog, just for your enjoyment! Be sure to check those out in the ‘Fantage Edits and Drawings’ tab!! Also, any feedback on how to improve the edits would be highly appreciated. Thank you so much for taking your precious time to read this post (; Stay Fierce ❤

~Jas xoxo